The amount of quality information regarding health, the functions of the body and the impact of the world that we live in is limited. This means that we are limited in our ability to positively affect our health. Being fed notional information, biased information and blatantly wrong information is extremely common even though it may not be deliberately obfuscatory. If you want to be responsible for your health and help others, such as family and friends, then you need to start to become knowledgeable. This requires more than reading a popular book or scanning articles in magazines or chatting with those in your social network. It requires a dedicated process of learning to the extent that you are able at the moment. That is what I am trying to facilitate with this website.

Health is complex and multi-faceted. Anatomy, physiology, psychology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics and nutrition are not simple subjects in themselves let alone when juxtapositioned with one another and in the context of your lifestyle and the cultural milieu. Disease is a cascade of dysfunction that results in obvious negative effects. It is not the failure of one thing. Consequently, the reversal of disease does not involve fixing just one thing. It requires a rebuilding of the body from the inside out. There is no silver bullet nostrum or treatment procedure that will re-float your boat. If you really want health, it is time to get real!

I understand that everybody does not truly care about their health. Many people engage in risky behavior occasionally or sometime daily. Neglect, too, can be considered a risky behavior. If you do nothing to change, you may be lucky with your health . . . or not. Being a victim is a common personal strategy to justify not changing.

A change of thought can be the start of a new direction for your life. It is that simple. Or the same old thoughts will allow you to remain the same. Action follows intent. The feedback from action intends a new cycle. These are the pulsations of a purpose-driven life. Waiting until one’s intimate death is looming misses a lot of opportunity. Why not embrace the idea of a healthy life? Whatever you do in the world will be affected by your state of health and function.

The concepts and ideas that I present are not unique to me but I am hoping that how I present them may make more sense to you than other sources you might have found. Some of it will probably be brand new. I am not trying to convince you of anything. It is strictly for your consideration. I believe that I am presenting information that has the backing of reason and evidence even though in a given article I might not expose the deeper levels of complexity. Over time if basic ideas and concepts can be laid out and understood then a fleshing out might be appropriate.

I have found that the reality of the physical world, our bodies, our minds and our environment, is much more than you have probably ever casually considered. The vastness and richness of the universe is much closer than you think. Explore.


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